Nadir Khan


The basic purpose to establishing this organization is to raise awareness among parents of Per-sons with Disabilities and teach them the difference between Disease and Disability. Parents spend all their savings in this false hope created by many Doctors that one day their disabled child will walk on his/her feet again some day. But there comes a point when it became necessary to awaken Parents from this dream and help them face reality. The expense that parents use in the treatment of their Childs, disability can be shifted to Disability management. For this purpose, we have developed an Independent Living Center where Persons with Disabilities can learn how to live according to their Disability and can reduce the burden of their Disability on their Parents.

This center has become the best experts on the needs of PWDs, seeking the required solutions, making PWDs in-charge of their lives, thinking and speaking for them. To this end, we not only support PWDs, but also learn from them, organize their lives, and work for political changes that lead to the legal protection of their human and civil rights. In the end I want to ask many philanthropic spirits out there to come and join us for this noble cause and be a drop in the ocean of Humanity.